A short story

As a software developer I constantly have been perfecting my skills in my favorites programming languages (C/C++, Python, C#) and frameworks/libraries (OpenGL, Tensorflow, Qt). My last projects had been related with Machine Learning, Medical Imaging and Mobile Development. Working as freelancer I developed a solid background in different technological areas.

I am passionate about the 3D visualizations, algorithms & data structures, UI design and solutions for IT healthcare sector.
  • Aside programming, which other skills do you have?

    Creativity! In my opinion is one of the most important skills to get a solution for a problem. Moreover, there are others skills part of my self-working as open-mindedness, problem solving, time management, approachability and helpfulness. Now, when I work in teams, the communication, patience and accountability are part of my skills.

  • Do you work alone?

    Majority of the time I work alone in projects. However, when the project requires, I contact other developers, designers and specialists in certain areas (big data, database, and others) to help me in a project. These people have my full confidence, and they are distinguished as top in their field.

  • I have a new project in ZoomBa (an invented technology not released yet). Can you code on that?

    If ZoomBa offers an API or SDK to work with, I can do that. However, if ZoomBa doesn’t provide anything, then I expect a developer’s manual gets me more information to make some code with that. Otherwise, the selection of ZoomBa should be revised.

  • I am an entrepreneur, and to be honest I have no idea how to make my (technological) MVP?

    Part of my work is being an IT consultant. The idea is guide to you from your conception/idea/canvas until a MVP to get the expected feedback. This is a team process between us, the important is make your project a reality.