esmitt code

A long time ago, I started a blog focus on Computer Graphics called El Código Gráfico (yes, written in Spanish). There I published some of the basic codes, news, algorithms, and others related with the Computer Graphics world. However, there were some topics not related with Computer Graphics I did not published! (because blog’s name is Graphics code, only graphics things). However, I have been working with more that Computer Graphics world, thats why I decided starting a new project based on social media containing more information.

This project is called esmitt code (yes, a very clever name) where I have twitter account and Instagram account where I post information associated with computer science, programming, news on coding, and others. Posts are mainly focus for programmers, however any idea is welcome.

BronchoX: Bronchoscopy Exploration

BronchoX (Broncoscopy Exploration) is a non-invasive exploration tool for intervention planning and navigation of possible pulmonary lesions. BronchoX is composed by different algorithms for segmentation, visualisation, and navigation of the respiratory tract. It is an open-source solution, multiplatform and computer-efficient aided tool. It might be access from its Gitlab repository of the Computer Vision Center and obtain more information about the project on its webpage from the research center.

BronchoX was coded in C++ and Qt for the graphical interface. Also, works with medical data in DICOM format.


Wayukk is the name of a startup originated in Barcelona in 2018. The idea behind is the development of a solution to connect riders on motorcycles with people to move in a fast in an efficient way in your city. Motorcycles are common vehicles in modern cities, but there are people that can’t access at this kind of transportation (lack of driver license, space to store it and other reasons).

The technological solution is based on a network infrastructure to connect single riders with people who want to transfer from a point A to point B inside a city. The technological infrastructure involves a database, geolocalization, distributed transactions, and all operations associated with a modern and fast application for phones.

I collaborated in Wayuuk as CTO from its conception in the startup program: Explorer Program (in Catalan language). Also, recently, I still continue working on Wayukk in the same role.